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By Tammy Engel
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The first caller just heard that her husband wanted a divorce. She rang me in a panic, having no idea what to do when he offered that she buy the house from him. The next was a widow of three weeks, who wondered if a reverse mortgage would be her solution. The third was confused about why her house payment went up yet again. The last needed to plan for her upcoming marital separation.

Certainly there are men that I haven't heard from who are unaware of their family's finances, but this recent wave of women callers has caught my attention. In each case, their partner had been in control of the money and how it was used, and they had no idea about where they stood. With a bunch of coaching we were able to make a plan for each of them, and in most cases no new financing was involved. They just needed an experienced ear to find their footing.

Instead of advice about new loan programs or interesting strategies to afford the home you want, today's advice is just an earnest reminder: Every one of us needs to participate with the money in our lives. Where it comes from, where it goes; none of that should be a mystery. We aren't taught to talk about it, but here's my big boost of encouragement to find your voice and ask the important questions.

If you are the family financial controller, please take the time right now to let those you support know how it all works. Include your kids. They may not get it the first time, but begin building their financial literacy today.

Tammy Engel is your local Mortgage Advisor. She's been working for your best interest since 1990, so contact her at 661/822-7325 about purchase, refinance, and reverse mortgage.

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