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The 2nd Annual Cesar Chavez Legacy Breakfast, March 23


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The Farmworker Institute of Education and Leadership Development (FIELD) is pleased to announce the 2nd Annual Cesar Chavez Legacy Breakfast on Friday, March 23, 2018. Field's mission is to empower the underserved and their community to become self-sufficient.

At this year's breakfast, FIELD wishes to recognize community members who embody the values of Cesar Chavez. These individuals were chosen for their outstanding community service and reflect the Si Se Puede Core Value of serving others through a personal spirit of confidence, courage and risk-taking.

Honorees include:

• Dr. Horace Mitchell, President of California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB).

• Nan Gomez Heitzeberg, Bakersfield College, Vice President Academic Affairs (BC).

• Esther Tarango Uranday, UFW (April 26, 1937-December 18, 2017, Posthumous Award).

FIELD's CEO, David Villarino's favorite quote from Cesar is, "A good organizer is like a social arsonist because he goes around lighting people on fire." Cesar Chavez was recognized for inspiring people wherever he went.

Cesar Chavez spread the word of organized, non-violent action long before social media became a dominant information source. His success came from building relationships through face to face, personal interactions.

Cesar's beliefs and teachings are central to FIELD's core values. We are proud to continue Cesar's legacy of empowering people through ESL, EPIC de Cesar Chavez Charter High School, and conservation corps programs. There is much to celebrate on March 23. FIELD's ability to reach underserved individuals and communities, FIELD's increasing graduation numbers, citizenship classes, and developing Career Technical Education program are testament to FIELD's commitment to innovation and excellence.


The Farmworker Institute of Education and Leadership Development (FIELD) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with operations in California's San Joaquin, Coachella, Salinas, and Sacramento Valleys. FIELD was founded in 1978 by Farmworker Leader Cesar E. Chavez and is dedicated to strengthening America's agricultural and rural communities through the Core Values of Opportunity, Excellence, Integrity, Innovation and Si Se Puede.

The 2nd Annual Cesar Chavez Legacy Breakfast will take place at the IBEW Local 428 located at 3921 Sillect Ave., Bakersfield, Calif. The breakfast is at 8 a.m., doors will open at 7:30 a.m. Tickets are on sale for $20.

FIELD website:

For more information, contact Ileana International: email Mike Mena or call (310) 316-0612.


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