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Now offering Spanish Classes

Slice of Life Enrichment School


Meliza Flores, Spanish Instructor.

Slice of Life Enrichment School in Tehachapi is now pleased to offer Spanish classes to all students age 5 through adult. Our program is a full-immersion style program directed by Meliza Flores.

If you've never considered learning Spanish, there are some excellent reasons why you should! Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language not only in the United States (after English) but also in the world at large (after Chinese). Spanish then, is clearly not only a beautiful language, but a practical one. According to the U.S. Census, almost 13% of U.S. Families speak Spanish at home. Also in an ever-increasingly global market, employers seek out applicants that stand apart from their peers by being bi-lingual. As many doctors, lawyers, and social workers work with Spanish-speaking clients in their offices, it's easy to see how speaking Spanish can not only help you to broaden your horizons personally, but also help you do your job better!

If learning a second language sounds intimidating, remember that Spanish has the added benefit of being one of the easier languages to learn. Consider that unlike English, Spanish is spelled phonetically, and therefore much easier to spell and pronounce than English. Because Spanish is so widely spoken, you don't need to travel abroad to find someone to practice with or even to be fully immersed. Furthermore, since Spanish is a Latin-based language it can help boost your vocabulary by better familiarizing you with many English words that share the same roots!

If you've always wanted to learn (or wanted your child to learn ) Spanish, give us a call, or stop in. We'd love to help you have fun learning a valuable skill with a native-speaker in a small class-setting where you can really learn to speak the Spanish language comfortably and well!

(If you are homeschooling, remember too that we are a vendor for Gorman, Ilead, Inspire, and Summit Charters Schools.)


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