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Exotic Feline Breeding Compound gets into the holiday spirit


The Exotic Feline Breeding Compound (EFBC) invites everyone to join in the spirit of the holiday season and support its mission to save endangered wild cat species. Visitors and the public can help the center through the lean winter months when several activities will occur. Many assume winters are more extreme in the Antelope Valley high desert, and though temperatures are cooler, the mild climate (little rain or snow) is more comfortable for EFBC's wild feline residents. They are more active and can be viewed often laying in the warm sunshine. Those seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle at the malls and eateries are invited to visit with friends and family at the local "Cathouse."

Throughout the season, EFBC will display a special "Giving Tree" in the gift shop, where visitors can become a feline "Secret Santa." Hand crafted ornaments, made by EFBC's volunteers and staff will contain "wishes" for cat toys, supplies or other needs of the center. Past year's trees have totaled approximately $2,000. This is a fun way for individuals, groups or families to show their support. Supporters are also welcome to drop off supply donations directly; the center's "wish list" can be found at the EFBC website. In turn, EFBC is also giving a helping hand to Santa Clause by displaying a mail box in the gift shop for those who wish to leave a special message for "Santa."

In keeping with the spirit of the holidays, on Sunday, Dec. 24, Christmas Eve, EFBC will continue its tradition of feeding our fabulous felines a special holiday feast thanks to the generous donation provided by long-time EFBC patrons and local residents, Randy and Terry Scott. The center's zookeeper and volunteer staff will distribute the special holiday dinners with feeding scheduled to begin at approximately 1 p.m. As felines are carnivores (meat eaters), the holiday dinners will consist of whole turkeys, chickens, turkey legs, game hens etc. The Scott's generosity is well known to EFBC as well as other local charities, schools and community organizations. For those needing a break from the hustle and bustle of holiday shopping and traveling, EFBC invites folks to stop by to watch cats enjoy this special treat.

After the New Year, on Saturday, Jan. 20, EFBC will host a "Red Light Tour" of the center at night. This event is gaining popularity as visitors attend after hours, when lights are turned low and instead the center and animal enclosures are illuminated in red light. A fascinating fact of feline anatomy is that they lack the eye receptors to distinguish the frequency of red light which makes it harder to see visitors peering in for a view. To plan the rest of the new year, EFBC's 2018 calendar is available for purchase in our gift shop or on-line; they are printed with 2018 event dates so folks don't have to mark calendars. EFBC would also like to remind everyone that year-end donations and shopping via our website and PayPal are available for convenience.

The EFBC's Feline Conservation Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation of endangered wild feline species. The EFBC houses approximately 70 rare felines representing 18 wild feline species. Guests can visit the EFBC during its regular business hours, daily 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. (closed Wednesday's) and view large wildcats like the familiar Jaguars and Leopards as well as smaller and lesser known species like Southeast Asian Fishing Cats, and Margays and many more; admission is nominal, and parking is free. Since 1977, and through its very successful captive breeding management programs, the EFBC has been working with other zoos and facilities, worldwide, in an effort to save endangered feline species from extinction.

For general or Twilight Tour information, please call (661) 256-3793 or log on to; also stay in touch with EFBC via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @wildcatzoo.


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