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Invocation of Bear Valley Springs Historical Kawaiisu Preserve, Oct. 22

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On Sunday, Oct. 22, at 2 p.m., carpool up to the intersection of Stirrup and Sunset, near Jacaranda, to be part of the Invocation of the Bear Valley Springs' Historic Kawaiisu Preserve. It will be a ceremony that will bring the history of the Kawaiisu into 2017. Parking is very limited, so please carpool.

The Preserve Project was initiated in November 2016, and was the beginning of Bear Valley Springs' newest amenity. It took much work and negotiation on all sides of the issue. During that time, it was established that the Kawaiisu were indeed summer occupants in the mountains surrounding the valley now known as Bear Valley. They had been coming to this area for approximately 2,000 years. The site has the remnants of their visit, a large number of pa-haz, or acorn "grinding holes", that are scattered around a field of large boulders. Members of the committee were careful to use the sensitivity of a sacred space in order to protect the Kawaiisu Preserve. There have been granite benches placed among the rocks. There are also informative signs to highlight the key aspects of the original Kawaiisu culture.

At 2 p.m. there will be a Traditional Kawaiisu Invocation in the native language. At approximately 3 p.m. interested parties may gather at the Oak Tree Country Club to enjoy refreshments and learn even more about the Native Peoples who once populated the community we now call our own. Some of those who will be sharing the significance of the new BVS destination are the well-known archeologists/anthropologists David and Tamy Whitley, BVS residents and professional consultants to the Kawaiisu Preserve project; Jon Hammond, popular newspaper columnist for the Tehachapi News, where he expands our knowledge of the Kawaiisu history and culture; and Charles White, our local Heritage League President.

For reservations and information, call Linda Turco (661-821-1505: home; 310-739-3772 cell) e-mail: LSTURCO1@GMAIL.COM) or leave a message stating the names of all in your party, and whether you will need a gate pass, and a contact number. Preserve directions are available if needed. This is a free event for the greater Tehachapi community. Refreshments will be served and wine will be available for a nominal fee. Come, be part of our community's history.


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