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We all want to eat healthy. But what does that mean?


For the owners of Taylor's Provisions that means non-processed, whole, plant foods; or, put another way, stuff from farms not factories. But like many places in America, that's easier said than done.

"Our food system is set up to support Big Ag, not small farms," said store owner Scott Taylor. "And so we get more meat, more dairy, more corn, more salt, more sugar, and more processed foods. In fact, food can be food like beans, and grains, and fruit, and nuts, and seeds. Add a pinch of seasoning from around the world, a dash of interesting flavored oil or vinegar, and you have an amazing, healthy, and delicious meal."

Taylor's Provisions is the popular new specialty food store in Tehachapi. "We opened the store to give others access to real food. I watched my father die far too young from the ravages of diabetes; and it was preventable," said Scott.

That started Scott on a path to a more healthy life style. He lost 75-pounds and has followed a plant based diet for the last seven years.

"I was a foodie. I loved to cook and entertain. But following a visit to Europe I realized that their food had so much flavor and ours didn't. I wondered why." Scott said. "I mean, what did I like about BBQ chicken? Was it the chicken? No. It was the BBQ sauce. So I figured, I could put BBQ sauce on any number of things and save the tasteless calories."

Taylor's Provisions features organic nuts, dried fruits, seeds, and grains. Plus, they have the largest organic spice selection in town. And if you drink tea then you're going to love their selection of over thirty loose leaf, organic, teas. And don't miss their olive oil and vinegar tasting bar.

"I love that we've curated a store where you can't make a mistake. Everything in here is good for you," Mr. Taylor said. "One of my favorite parts of our store is our specialty farmers; people who are passionate about what they do, and then introducing those products to Tehachapi."

They carry local grain from the Tehachapi Heritage Grain Project, beans form Rancho Gordo, brown rice from Koda Farms, and vegan/gluten free crackers from Huck's Hollow Farms. All growers who have a unique story that Scott is always willing to share.

"And don't forget, we're now milling fresh flour," Scott added. "Come on, how cool is that? We brought a mill back to Mill Street."


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