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By Pat Doody 

May proclaimed Asthma Awareness Month

Tehachapi City Council Update


May proclaimed

Asthma Awareness Month

At the May 1 City Council Meeting, Mary Hash and Abigail Romo of the Asthma Coalition of Kern County received a proclamation naming May as Asthma Awareness month. Presenting the certificate, Mayor Ed Grimes said that while he does not have Asthma, he does have chronic bronchitis and knows of many with childhood asthma. "It can kill," he said. The women thanked Mayor Grimes for the proclamation. Hash said that it is the top chronic condition of children in Kern County and affects all quality of life at school and at home for the entire family of those affected.

Romo invited everyone to an Asthma Symposium which will be held at Mercy Hospital Downtown on May 22 from 10:30 to 3:30 p.m. The event is free to the community and lunch will be served. Among the topics to be discussed will be financing, intervention and, of course, air quality. May is also National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month.

Council to consider

sewer repair amendment

Assistant City Manager Chris Kirk presented an ordinance to Tehachapi City Council which would amend the responsibility for sewer maintenance and repair. Traditionally, property owners have been responsible for maintenance and repair of sewer laterals from structures to their property line only.

However, we are ultimately unable to control what a property owner puts in the sewer lateral or what is planted or placed over a sewer lateral," said Kirk.

The new amended ordinance would place responsibility for the maintenance, repair and replacement of private sewer laterals with the property owner beyond that section that is on their property. If the repair of the lateral requires removal of any sub-base material, base material, asphalt or concrete curb, gutter, or sidewalk, the property owner or contractor will need to obtain an encroachment permit from the City and provide an estimate of costs. If the steps are followed and the property owner installs a sewer "clean-out" at the property line, the City will pay the cost of the replacement of the sub-base, base material, asphalt or concrete curb, gutter or sidewalk. It is hoped that this will reduce some of the burden placed on the homeowner.

Over the years, the laterals have become a bigger problem for sewer staff. Kirk added that the City waste-water staff are not equipped to perform the maintenance and repair of laterals that would normally be performed by licensed plumbing professionals.

The ordinance will be discussed and voted on at the next City Council meeting on May 15.


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