PCT hikers are here!


The Pacific Crest Trail Hikers are coming through Tehachapi now in large numbers, most on their way from Mexico to Canada! They come from all over the world and carry heavy packs including their water. They make their way into town from the two different trailheads at Tehachapi Willow Springs Road and at Cameron Canyon at the 58 Freeway (both nine miles from town).

Most use their cellphones to call PCT Angels for rides to downtown, to the Airport, to the markets, to lodging, to the US Post Office; at present there are over forty willing angels! This community service has been available to hikers for twenty years and the Angels List is posted all over town plus at trailheads and at the more distant adjacent trailheads, both south and north of here.

Many hikers sleep in their tents at the grassy, shady Tehachapi Airport Aviator Campground that now has added a shower to their restroom facilities, in addition to bbq grills and picnic tables. There is only one tricky event there: the sprinklers go on from 8 to 10 a.m. M-W-F! If hikers do not read the signs, they and their tents get all wet! Quite a few stay at our hotels and motels and dine downtown too! They pick up necessary lightweight staples at Albertson's, Save Mart and Big Five. All PCT hikers carry as little as possible because they hope to hike 2663 miles, except for the hikers who cannot take much time off; they hike sections at a time over several years. The main hiking season ranges from late March through June each year, due to the heavy snowpack in the High Sierra. Most hike from Mexico northward, but a few hike south from Canada. A few hikers do the trek in the fall.

If you would like to become an official PCT Angel and give much-needed rides to hikers, please call Anne Marie Novinger at (661) 822-5379. Only your first name and your phone number will be placed on the PCT Angels list. The new edition will be printed June 1. If you just want to pick up hikers and help them when you see them, you are encouraged to do so. You will be much appreciated and will meet interesting new friends!


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