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The Legendary Tehachapi Idol


Ashley Bishop gave a rousing performance of "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston.

The sixth week of Tehachapi Idol is complete, and the contestant pool is getting ever smaller. This week's theme was "Past and Present Legends". Singers chose two songs instead of one, one from an older legendary artist and one from a modern legend. The night featured classic artists such as Johnny Cash and Whitney Houston, as well as presently famous musicians like Tom Petty and Heart. Brinley Marks and Josh Schwartz doubled up in the "Past Legends" section of the night with the song "I Can't Help Falling in Love With You". Marks sang to a ukulele track, and a few contestants later Schwartz followed upplaying on his acoustic guitar. Lily Seymour donned her cowboy hat and Johnny Cash t-shirt to sing "Ring of Fire", Destani Boswell sang Jackie Wilson's "Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher", and Ashley Bishop gave a rousing performance of "I Have Nothing" by Whitney Houston. With the dwindling amount of contestants, it's a good thing each of them sang two songs, otherwise the show wouldn't have lasted very long at all. After the "Past Legends" portion of the show, a ten minute intermission allowed contestants to prepare for their next song.

In present legends, artists varied, but there was no doubt that the contestants were singing some major hits. Seymour left her cowboy hat behind to sing "Hanging on the Telephone", a song originally by The Nerves and popularized by new wave legend Blondie. Bishop had a costume change as well, going from wearing a white dress to rocking a leather jacket and jeans to sing Heart's "What About Love". Marks gave Tehachapi Idol its first acapella performance when she sang "Black Bird" by The Beatles. Boswell jammed out with "Something to Talk About" by Bonnie Raitt. Josh Schwartz gave the final performance on his guitar with Tom Petty's "Free Falling" before the voting began.

Though every contestant in Tehachapi Idol is certainly talented, unfortunately someone has to be voted off. This week, Ashley Bishop left the competition. "I had a lot of fun, and I wish everybody a lot of luck," said Bishop before her closing performance, "It was a really great time, thank you." Bishop went out with a bang, giving the final performance of the night with Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" to a roaring crowd. If you're rooting for any of the remaining contestants, you have to attend and pay the $6 fee in order to vote and keep them on. Money from fees is put toward prizes for the eventual winners of Idol. Tehachapi Idol is held at Big Papa's Steakhouse and Saloon Sundays at 7p.m. Come at least 30 minutes early if you want to get seats and cheer on your favorite contestant. There aren't many more weeks left of Tehachapi Idol, so see the show and support the singers while you can.

Sept. 11 is an elimination and the final three will be chosen as First, Second and Third place.


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