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Dust N' Diamonds


Gracing the Grand Opening of the Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Associations upcoming PRCA Rodeo on Aug.19-20 in the Milano Arena at the Tehachapi Event Center and Rodeo Grounds will be the Dust N' Diamonds Equestrian Drill Team. The "Diamonds" are both a competitive and exhibition equestrian drill team. This award winning group of all women ride in unison to create formations and patterns while riding their horses at speeds that would scare the average equestrian.

The Dust N' Diamonds Equestrian Drill Team was founded in 1992 by Shawna Pendly (Drill Master) and is composed of ladies here in the Tehachapi area. They hold the honor of being the 2005 Mixed Division Champions in the Western State Equestrian Drill Team Association and in 2010 the Diamonds were the mixed division champions of California. The team continues to excite and entertain their rodeo fans dressed in their trademark beautiful turquoise and silver sequins with matching leather chaps and tack. The members create an almost dance like effect on horseback as they perform intricate precision drill maneuvers choreographed to music.

The seven member team of Dust N' Diamonds train for many hours to hone the intricate riding patterns they use to dazzle the crowds. Current members include Shawna Pendly (Drill Master), Kim Farwell-McGinn, Cheryl McMunn, Kelly Farwell, Ashleigh Powell, Taylor Renoso, and Joni Lewis.

The Dust N' Diamonds Equestrian Drill Team is sure to leave the crowds of our PRCA Rodeo cheering for more. We hope everyone will come to support the Rodeo and to watch these talented ladies ride.

Come out early and get your seats for this year's Tehachapi Mountain Festival Rodeo! Dust N' Diamonds absolutely love crowd participation! So... the louder you yell for the Diamonds the faster they will ride for you! Please feel free to come by and say "hello" to all of Diamonds, the horses love the attention!

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