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Horse Thief Womens Golf Club News


The Horse Thief Women's Golf Club held their annual meeting to elect officers for the 2016-2017 year and to celebrate and honor the winners of the annual President's Cup Tournament held June 21st and 22nd. The meeting, a potluck, took place at the home of Melinda Keenan in Stallion Springs.

Winning the President's Cup was Kathi Dyer with an adjusted two-day score of 136. Other winners of the tournament were 1st, Judy Theriault, 2nd Maureen Reilly, 3rd Aurelia Lazenby and 4th Maria Carbone.

Officers for the coming year include returning officers: 1st Vice President, Judy Theriault, 2nd VP, Maureen Reilly, Secretary, Karen Ardaiz and WSCA Representative, Janna Callaway. Newly elected were: President, Angela Pearson, Treasurer, Kathy Dyer and Handicap Chair, Dianne Cooper.

Melinda Keenan installed the returning and new officers in verse and concluded the installation with the following for the Handicap Chair:

"Handicap chair sounds quite painful, you see, like playing with a cut or a sore on your knee. But alas it's a system for keeping it fair, as we hack and we wack and pull out our hair. Please listen to Dianne as she daily implores, 'Never forget to keep posting those scores.'

Now Ladies, indulge us and raise your right paw and pledge to uphold every written by-law."

Horse Thief Women play every Tuesday at Horse Thief Country Club in Stallion Springs, Tehachapi. If you wish to join, please contact Horse Thief Country Club, (661) 823-8571.


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