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Local Afterschool Children Recognize Tehachapi Nurses


Tehachapi Hospital nurses thank you for your kind words children!! Becky Chandler, Dee Hutson, Courtney Chandler and Patricia Tye (Left to Right).

May 6-12, 2016 (Tehachapi, CA) – During National Nurses' Week, about 60 creative children enrolled in Tompkins Enrichment & Academic Mentoring (TEAM) after school program, showed their love for Tehachapi Hospitals' Extraordinary Nurses. Mrs. Walker the TEAM director along with her team leaders Mr. Cavazos, Mrs. Meister, Mrs. Lasnier and Mr. Herrera encouraged the children to make beautiful cards expressing how they feel about Nurses and to just say thank you.

Here is what some of the children wrote:

"Dear Nurse of Tehachapi, Thank you for all you do. I fell off the playset and slammed my hand on the ground. Thank you for giving me my X-ray."

"Thank you for helping our people. One time I went to Tehachapi Hospital and a spider bit me in the eye and it was swallon, and my dad got hurt by a bull and almost died but you saved his live. Thank you."

"Dear Nurses, I appreciate you for helping many people survive when they are sick."

"Dear Nurse of Techachapi, Thank you for all the things you've done by spending time with people that are about to die. I'm alive."

"Dear Nurses, I appreciate you for helping many people survive when they are sick."

"Dear Nurses of Tehachapi Hospital, Thank you for all the long hours that you put in. I appreciate the long hours you put in to help people get well. Thanks you."

"Thank you for everything you do. One time I went into the emergency room because my tonsels were swollen and you guys give me medication and I felt better then I went home."

"Dear Nurses, Thank you for all you do. I appreciate all the work you do to keep us

safe. A special thanks to the Tehachapi nurses."


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