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Online Suggestions for Reuniting Lost and Found Pets


I’m Kate Lueder the lost/found phone line person for The Tehachapi Humane Society (THS). In the last couple of months a fellow THS member, Cathy Springer, has introduced me to a great new way to get the word out in the local area for lost and found pets. It’s Facebook! I myself don’t use Facebook but Cathy does and has given me instruction in how to pass on this great new way to advertise your lost/found pet.

First go on your Facebook page. Then go to the following sites to post your pet: Tehachapi Pet, Tehachapi Pet Network, Tehachapi Classified, Tehachapi Alert and Tehachapi Lost/Found. You can post a picture and short note with the pet’s basic description. Also, you will want to scroll back a little before posting, to be sure someone hasn’t already posted the same pet as lost or found. I can say from personal experience in the last couple of months I had several people call back our lost/found line to let me know the pet is reunited and what a great way to put the word out. If you are like me and are not a Facebook person it is worth your time to find a friend or neighbor or kid to do this for you as it is a great way to find or reunite a pet.

Of course there are still the good old standards of calling the Mojave shelter at (661) 824-1030, post an ad at Tehachapi Vet’s lost/found board and call the THS lost/found line at (661) 823-0699, option #7. Also if you find a pet take it to get scanned for a possible microchip at Tehachapi Vet, Tehachapi Pet Lodge, Canine Creek, or Animal Town grooming.

The quickest way to be reunited with your lost pet is to be sure it is always wearing a collar and ID tag with current information!


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