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TCT's Musical and Their Newest Director

TCT Spotlight


Chris Morales joined Tehachapi Community Theatre (TCT) when she make her debut in “Red Velvet Cake War”. Following that wonderful performance, Chris has agreed to direct TCT’s musical this year. “110 in the Shade” is a beautiful musical capturing the story of the movie, “The Rainmaker.” Chris brings a tremendous parade of talent from her past. Currently a member of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and having been a performer since she was a child, Chris’ greatest enjoyment is bringing laughter into the hearts of her audience. She has also been a stand up comic for most of her life. Chris asked me to be her assistant director for “110 in the Shade” (or 110 for short)and when we sat down to talk about how to put this show together, she shared some of her idea’s – which I feel are worthy to share with you.

The movie the “Rainmaker” was such a big deal for me growing up. My dad truly is a Starbuck, who is the male lead in 110.

Although my mother is nothing like the female lead, Lizzie Curry, she did fall head over heels for a man that showed her the world through his imagination and ability to create anything. Being able to direct “110 In The Shade” is such a wonderful feeling for me. It takes me back to when my dad and I used to spend so much time together in the theatre. He designing shows, me watching his every move. The ideas, the way he talked with directors and how he presented his ideas for their show was magical to me.

How do I like directing as opposed to acting?

I love to perform. No doubt, I get up on that stage and I can’t wait to make people laugh, or have them watching me to see what I might do next. Acting for me is everything. It helps me sleep, to stay sane, to not be afraid of trying new things. Directing, well that is all about vision, and teaching and believing in yourself. It’s hard, it’s challenging and it gets me really excited when I can see a moment that I thought of come to life through actors and bring with it that reaction from an audience that I was hoping for.

How does 110 compare or fit in Tehachapi?

Pretty darn close I think. I mean: we are in a drought currently; the landscape is very similar, good people in a small town just trying to make a living, raise their kids and enjoy living in a beautiful place.

Do I wish there really was a Starbuck? Sure, someone who can bring rain and was so charismatic you just wanted hang out with him and see what else he could do. You betcha! Then again, I do sorta believe there’s a Starbuck here in Tehachapi, or in any other town or city. People can do all kinds of things if they believe enough in whatever it is that they are trying to be or do. So, yeah, maybe there is someone who could actually bring rain. The Indians have done it for years, and I’ve seen people with those sticks that find water, so why not.

“110 in the Shade” opens June 6, 2014 and will run every weekend in June. Mark your calendars! The cast is phenomenal. The music is breathtaking. You won’t want the show to end. For more information please go to TCT’s website; or you can call 661-822-4037 Ext 2.


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