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Biscuit, The Blind Wonder Dog

The Pet Nanny

Hello, As you may know by now I’m the Pet Nanny and I have the absolute pleasure of sharing some of my dear fur babies stories.

Today I want to introduce you to Biscuit. She is a gorgeous nine-year-old Labrador from champion bloodlines, she also happens to be blind, diabetic, and full of love. Along with her fur momma (AKA human), she lives with her fur siblings: Nestle, the Chocolate Wonder, of course, she’s a Lab too. There’s also Scout, who rules the roost; Willow, a rescued snowshoe - his last home truly was with a crazy cat hoarder; and Rusty, the mellow Manx.

It is so rare to see a glimpse of true human compassion and love these days that seeing how caring and patient Biscuit’s mom is with her is an inspiration to anyone caring for a family member with a long-term illness. Biscuit, like so many today, is diabetic. Her fur mom has had some close calls with Biscuit and endearingly sleeps beside her on the living room floor when Biscuit is not at her best. Biscuit loves her family, and she never complains about the medications or treatments she has to have.

Biscuit traveled to Pasadena recently for an attempt to restore vision to her one eye - the other had to be removed to make her more comfortable. We are pretty confident that the surgery is allowing vision to return. Knowing how much Biscuit loves her mom, I know she will be tail wagging happy just to see a glimpse of her.

When your fur babies are ill it’s not the time to abandon them; it’s time to embrace them, pray for them and make every moment count.

It’s an honor and labor of love to care for this sweet and very special fur friend.

Daphne is available to take care of your fur babies. You can find her information in the Business Section on page 33.