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Southern California Edison work near Tehachapi High School

City of Tehachapi


As the City of Tehachapi prepares for construction of the ATP Dennison Sidewalk Project later this summer, SCE will begin relocating poles at the Valley Blvd. and Dennison Rd. intersection. Work began on May 20. The roads will remain open, but delays should be expected. SCE estimates the relocation effort to take about one month to complete.

The City of Tehachapi urges parents and students of Tehachapi High School, Jacobson Middle School and Tompkins Elementary to be aware of potential traffic impacts and delays throughout the last couple of weeks of the 2024 school year.

The ATP Dennison Sidewalk Project will begin later this summer. The City of Tehachapi successfully applied for an ATP Grant on Dennison Rd. to install curb, gutter and sidewalks to close gaps between Tehachapi Blvd. and Pinon St. The project also includes improving pedestrian crosswalks, installing flashing crosswalk signage and installing bike lanes along the Dennison Rd. corridor. The grant funds are to be used to improve the safety and accessibility of pedestrian and bicycle routes to and from Tehachapi High School, as well as other schools in the area whose students commute along Dennison Rd.

For more information, contact Key Budge at [email protected] or (661) 822-2200 ext. 119.