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Have you experienced power loss in your home or business?

John McCraw.

The stand by generator is hard wired into your existing panel.

Let's talk about standby and portable generators. Stand-by generators are on a permanent pad and hooked to your natural gas or propane. They will start up automatically when the power goes off and shut off when it returns online. Portable generators need to be stored in the garage and brought out and plugged into a transfer switch then unplugged and restored when the power comes back online. Both generators are a great investment for your home or business, and it's all on your budget or your needs.

We are locally owned and operated and service the entire Tehachapi Valley. Call John K. McCraw Electrical today for a free in-home or business estimate at (661) 410-7129 or visit http://www.johnmccrawelectrical.com, for all your electrical needs.

John McCraw.

The portable generator plugs into the transfer switch.