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My experience as a model for Markos Hernandez


Tehachapi Residents enjoy a makeup workshop sponsored by Markos D1 Salon on May 11.

I had the incredible opportunity to model for renowned artist Markos Hernandez at a spectacular makeup event at MarkosD1 Salon, 113 S. Green St., Tehachapi.

The experience was both a highlight and a valuable learning journey. From personalized makeup application to insightful tips from Hollywood shared by Markos, I gained knowledge about enhancing natural beauty. The well-organized event included delightful surprises, a generous goody bag, an interactive workshop, amazing food, cocktails and a kind group of women.

It was an unforgettable experience that surpassed all my expectations. It was a day of beauty, learning and inspiration. I walked away with not only a stunning makeup look, but also a deeper appreciation for the art of makeup and the skills to enhance my own beauty routines. This special day will always hold a cherished place in my memories, and I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to learn from one of the best of the bests.

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