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Dawn Jones and her beautiful jewelry

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Dawn Jones working in her studio.

It was shopping for trains at Hans' and Rachel's Gold Coast Station that originally brought Dawn Jones and her husband to Tehachapi.

After living in a variety of locations and serving her country as a contractor in Washington D.C., Dawn found Tehachapi to be the best combination of all the places she had previously lived. She quickly became inspired by the town's beautiful nature and wildlife and relaunched her jewelry-making business, Dawn Jones Designs. Soon she was crafting earrings, necklaces and bracelets with custom stones, silver, gold or inlay in turquoise from a Nevada mine. While her mother's love of jewelry started Dawn on her lapidary path, her inspiration truly comes from Tehachapi.

"After celebrating my first Tehachaversary in March, I thought about everything this town means to me," Dawn said. "I've lived in so many places, and have only rented until now. Of course, after my first visit here, I knew this is where I wanted to put down my roots."

Dawn shares a few things she loves about Tehachapi.


Pendant by Dawn Jones.

"I love that we have hummingbirds all year round, and that we have four seasons. That I can look out of my studio window and see elk laying in the grass peacefully asleep. That I wake up by the quail calling under my bedroom window. That I have to check the dumpster for bears before throwing the trash away. I love that fellow talented, local jewelers support each other by sharing ideas, and techniques. I love that our local Parks and Rec has roller-skating nights and that people talk to each other in the grocery lines - even though we've never met until now. I love seeing baby goats romping around in a field and young cowboys practicing their lasso during my drive home. I love pulling over and letting my neighbor pass as she rides her horse to our local convenience store. I love how much our community adores and protects the wildlife. I love our little BeeKay Theatre, and apparently those child actors are way more talented than I ever was at their age. I love how Tehachapi as a whole inspires my work - such as the rattlesnake who went on her way leaving me in peace. I made a rattlesnake pendant to honor her and acknowledge that this is as much their home as ours. I love being able to buy fresh produce and eggs directly from the farms that strive to raise their product ethically and with love. I love the vintage car shows hosted by Hans and Rachel at Gold Coast Station, as well as at P-Dubs – and attendees sharing their elk, bear, mountain lion and bobcat stories. I love the festivals that celebrate the brick-and-mortar businesses, attendees, children, etc. I love the murals, the restaurants, the shopping. I love how the local businesses support each other - such as Joanne of Cowboys and Angels carrying some of my work, which supports both my art and her business. I love the police department taking time to play sports with the kids all the while making sure we're all safe and sound. And, of course, I love that we have a Chamber of Commerce that strives to ensure that Tehachapi businesses thrive, which means this whole mountain town thrives.

"I grew up in the military and moved frequently; this didn't stop until a year ago when we bought our first – and hopefully last – home in the Tehachapi Mountains. I never thought a single town or mountain could influence my art as much as this place has, and it's only been one year. I cannot wait to see what Tehachapi brings us in the many years to come."

Dawn is most proud of completing her collection, particularly as she finishes a single piece that she has worked on for several years. She knows she has what it takes to be an artist and jeweler. Now she is working on a new medium: diamonds. You can find her work at Cowboys and Angels, located at 798 Tucker Rd #3, at her booth at upcoming events and online at http://www.DawnJonesDesigns.com.

Dawn Jones is a proud member of the Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce.

Clare Scotti is the Executive Director of Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce.