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Beauty at the TNAZ Cruizin Car Show

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Mark La Ciura.

As always, the 3rd annual TNAZ Cruizin Car Show was a big hit on May 18. The show brought in more than 60 hot rods and custom cars. A fantastic mix of historical American cars from Ford to Chevy to Oldsmobile.

My favorite was a local Tehachapi car. A 1937 Oldsmobile restored by Tom from Tehachapi. Originally Tom was trying to sell the Oldsmobile for a friend as a favor and he just could not find a buyer. So, Tom got the Oldsmobile for himself to work on. It turned out to be a labor of love doing most of the work himself.

I think most, if not all, of the hot rods present at the TNAZ 2024 Car show have similar stories with a lot of love and hard work put in to these cars.

The TNAZ Cruizin Car Show is one of my must see car shows in Kern County. If you missed it, I know next year's is all ready being planned.