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8 benefits of an adjustable base

Dawn House stock photo.

One of the primary benefits of an adjustable base is the ability to customize your sleep position for a quality night's sleep.

1. Easier breathing. By adjusting the position of your adjustable bed, you can find the ideal angle to help ease discomfort, reduce snoring, and alleviate symptoms of sleep apnea. Elevating the upper body can open your airway, promoting better airflow and reducing the interruptions in breathing that are common with sleep apnea.

2. Relief of acid reflux. An adjustable bed can provide much-needed relief for those who suffer from interrupted sleep due to acid reflux or heartburn. Elevating the upper body prevents stomach acid from flowing back into the esophagus. Stop tossing and turning all night when your symptoms are under control.

3. Alleviation of pain and pressure points. Say goodbye to sleepless nights plagued by chronic pain or nagging pressure points. Customize the position of the bed to relieve pressure on specific areas of the body, such as your achy back, hips, or tender joints. An adjustable bed can reduce pain and discomfort, promoting better sleep.

4. Improved circulation and reduced swelling. Raising your legs on an adjustable bed can improve circulation throughout your body, reduce leg swelling, and minimize discomfort in the lower extremities. If you suffer from conditions like edema or varicose veins, an adjustable bed can help promote healthy blood flow and reduce the risk of fluid buildup.

5. Increased relaxation and stress relief. The massage features of an adjustable bed can enhance relaxation and reduce stress levels. By incorporating gentle vibrations and targeted massage, an adjustable bed can help relax tense muscles and alleviate stress for better sleep quality.

6. Versatility and convenience. An adjustable bed is highly versatile, accommodating various activities beyond sleep. If you prefer reading, working on a laptop, or watching TV in bed, an adjustable base allows you to find the best position for comfort and support. The convenience of adjusting your bed with remote control, voice command, or smartphone app adds to the overall ease of using an adjustable bed.

7. Enhanced caregiver assistance and bed safety. An adjustable bed that raises higher and lowers, like a Dawn House bed system, offers practical benefits for caregivers and individuals requiring assistance. With the ability to raise the bed to a higher position, it becomes easier for caregivers to provide support, assist with transfers, and attend to the needs of the person in bed. This adjustable bed feature also promotes safety when getting in and out of bed and reduces strain on a caregiver's back.

8. Alleviates partner disruptions. Couples often have different sleep schedules. One may need to get in or out of bed while the other still sleeps. With motion isolation, your partner will not be disturbed. Also, each partner can find their desired level of comfort and support by adjusting the position on their side of the bed. You can avoid compromise and ensure that both partners get uninterrupted sleep.

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