By C. Turner
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Traveling through time with Tehachapi murals


May 11, 2024

C. Turner.

Lyn Bennett working on the Avelino Martinez mural.

Lyn Bennett has been painting murals since 2005. She's self-taught and thoroughly enjoys the process of taking a blank wall and making it interesting to look at.

She's currently working with Tehachapi Murals to restore all of the murals in Tehachapi.

Bennett was commissioned to start with the Avelino Martinez mural, which she has completed. She fondly describes the process for the mural, "The Martinez mural went pretty smoothly. The pieces that needed to be removed weren't terribly huge, and I think because of Patti Doolittle's technique of multiple blended colors and brush strokes made it a little easier to match."

She also adds, "The mural being at ground level made the work a lot easier. Plus, Greg Hark doing such a great job at applying the skim-coat made everything appear seamless. All in all, the Martinez mural could not have gone any better!"

Meanwhile, the community will be helping on some of the murals that just need a sealer. However, Lyn has repaired many murals in the past. She describes the restoring process in detail.

"First, I evaluate the mural, clean it, scrape off any loose pieces, score the wall where we will apply the skim-coat, clean and apply a bonding agent, then apply the skim coat. After that, I put two coats of primer, and paint to match the original artist's style and color choices. Then finally apply the sealer to the mural," she said. "The most difficult part is the first brush stroke to paint the mural to match the original artist's work. Self-doubt always sets in, but once I get started that goes away and I get excited to see it all coming together. That satisfaction once I've completed the mural feels pretty good!"

C. Turner.

The legend of Avelino Martinez.

Look in future issues of The Loop for coverage of Bennett as she restores Tehachapi's historic murals. The next project will be the removal process and skim coat to the Street Dance mural (located on Tehachapi Blvd. across from the water tower), which will take place on May 20. She plans to start painting in the middle of June.

For more information on Bennett's services follow her at

@brushwerksby_lyn or call: (661) 428-9492. Interested in the story of Avelino Martinez? You will find it on the mural located on the west side of the building at 126 E. F St., Tehachapi.


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