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Meet Your New Neighbors

Barb Pfeiffer and John Campbell moved to their new Tehachapi home in January from Monrovia in Los Angeles County where they had lived for a less than a year. They wanted to find a place to live that would provide Barb a place to keep her horse, a Palomino named Trigger and their two dogs, a St. Bernard mix named Ellie and Barb's service dog, a 150-pound Great Dane named Little Lulu. Their new Tehachapi ranch has supplied them with space for everyone.

Both divorced, the couple met by chance at the Cold Springs Tavern, a restaurant and bar located on the old Highway 158 between Santa Barbara and the Santa Ynez Valley. John had been asked by friends to help them set up their band to provide music at the bar for the evening. He spotted a woman sitting alone with a large Great Dane and he just had to say hello. As she was just leaving, he asked for her phone number. Their first date was at Duke's in Malibu.

Barb said she lived in Camarillo for over 40 years but grew up with her brother and sister in the West Hills area of the San Fernando Valley. She got her first horse at the age of 18 and has been riding ever since. She attended Agoura High School and then Pepperdine University. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in computer engineering but taught art at the elementary school level for 16 years. She has two grown daughters by her former marriage.

John grew up in Montecito, near Santa Barbara. His two brothers are his remaining siblings. He has a grown son and daughter. John loved airplanes and was 14 years old when he first flew a plane. He said he flew a plane every day until he was in his late 20s. He attended the University of California Santa Barbara and studied economics while working as a flight instructor at Santa Barbara Airport. He has flown numerous aircraft from Piper Cub to DC10. He started his own construction company in Montecito. He was a surfer during his early years and surfed Rincon, one of the toughest areas on the coast. Sometimes he would go surfing before sunrise. John has a son and daughter from his former marriage. He said he currently designs and sells kitchens all over the world for companies like Wayfare. His favorite place at their new home is the workshop that is located in their barn.

Barb and John seem to have found a little bit of heaven in the Tehachapi mountains. Welcome to Tehachapi to Barb, John, Lulu, Ellie, Trigger and, I understand there may be a new dog named Maggie, as well.


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