By Mary Beth Garrison
contributing writer 

U.S. Borax hosts annual State of the Business


April 27, 2024


Tehachapi City Councilwoman Jeanette Pauer gets an education on the uses of borates.

On April 11, U.S. Borax hosted area leaders for the annual State of the Business (SOB). The SOB presentation includes an update on mine operations, an overview on site safety, a trip to the bottom of the largest open pit mine in California and lunch with U.S. Borax senior leaders.

There were 160 people, representing community, business and government, in attendance to hear about the mining operation – that most have been familiar with for decades. The view from the pit wowed them, the stories of mining (told by site staff) educated them and the transparency of the business helped them realize that the challenges of rising costs, complex logistics and talent acquisition are a challenge to businesses and governments throughout California.

Positive feedback was heard throughout the day and the affirmative energy was infectious, both were a great reminder that U.S. Borax is a solid business partner in eastern Kern County.

Carlene Sullivan, community and social performance advisor for the mine said, "The day was great. The feedback was wonderful. It's exciting that people understand the mine's relevance in their day-to-day lives."

Borates are found in hundreds of products including ant killer, plant fertilizers, laundry additives, the insulation in our walls and the glass on cell phones, tablets and computer screens.


Renny Dillinger General Manager of Rio Tinto gave all tour visitors an overview of the operations of the mine.

Another message, shared at the event, is that U.S. Borax is looking to increase local procurement – the buying of local goods and services. The local procurement team presented as a part of the introductory presentation. The local procurement boundary includes businesses in Kern, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. The site is looking for electricians, general contractors, HVAC technicians, electrical, welding and cleaning suppliers. Interested businesses can fill out an Expression of Interest (EOI) on the U.S. Borax or the Rio Tinto website. A Procurement team member will respond to the inquiry.

The event incorporated Boron High School leadership team members, to serve lunch to attendees.

"The students were positive, attentive and efficient. These young people are future business, government and community leaders. They represented their school and our community well. Their attendance further supports our commitment to community," said Carlene.

The tour is a great way to peer beyond the operational gates into the second largest borates mine in the world. It is also a reminder that minerals are essential for life and critical for the future. The State of the Business presentation and tour is held once a year (in April) and is open to stakeholders from throughout the area.


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