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SpaceFlow Yoga


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My name is Danielle Green-Baker, owner of SpaceFlow Yoga. This studio has been my dream since I started teaching in 2017.

I started practicing when I was 17 in college (it was free!) but I wish I had found this practice sooner. During high school, in Boron (yep, you read that right), I had an eating disorder and literally hated my body. What they don't tell you is you don't get rid of an eating disorder – it sticks with you for life – but through yoga I've learned to manage it.

It wasn't until I tried my first Baptiste Yoga class at The Yoga Roots in Lancaster, that I really tapped into the practice. I decided to become a certified Baptiste Yoga teacher no matter what it took.

Baptiste Yoga is the one that connected with me most, it may not be for you and that's fine – there's a type of yoga for everyone. I firmly believe that Baptiste Power Yoga teaches you how to discover your own potential, power, vitality and inner peace and connection. I am proud to say I am a 300-hour certified Baptiste Yoga Instructor.

I've been told I'm a bit tenacious and a go-getter – that helped me during my 10 years in aerospace as a business/program manager.

I bring that energy into everything I do, which is why I decided to quit aerospace in December 2021 to pursue my dream: Own and manage a yoga studio and sell real estate. I opened Space Flow Yoga, located at 20825 South Street, Unit A, Tehachapi, in November 2020 – yep, right during the Pandemic.

Crazy? Sometimes the craziest ideas are the best ones.

Starting your own business is scary and takes a lot of planning, but the reward is that it's YOURS. Your creation. I created SpaceFlow Yoga to be a space for anyone, any body, any level of yogi, to tap into and experience their own power and create a community through this practice.

I can't wait to share it with you!

The studio has classes seven days a week and at least twice a day. We offer Sound Baths and Breath workshops, as well as fun get-togethers around the holidays.

There are no levels for any of the classes because we want anyone and everyone to know they are welcome and that goes for ANY of the classes offered.

For more information about the studio or to sign up for a class (first class is free) visit me online at http://www.spaceflowyoga.com/.