Soaring above the Tehachapi Valley

Skylark North and Mountain Valley Airport


April 20, 2024

Josh Minimoa.

Gliders provide a beautiful view of Tehachapi Valley.

Did you ever want to view the Tehachapi Valley from the air on a sunny day and see what lies just beyond those mountains? Is "fly in a sailplane" on your bucket list?

"Then come to Skylark and do both - FLY with us!" says owner Jane Barrett from her corner desk overlooking the runway at Mountain Valley Airport, just two miles from the heart of Tehachapi's business district.

Nestled amidst the rugged beauty of Tehachapi lies a hidden gem for aviation enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Welcome to Skylark North Glider Flight School and Mountain Valley Airport, where the sky meets the earth, and dreams take flight.

Skylark North: where silence speaks loudest, the joy of silent flight

Imagine yourself suspended in midair, the world stretching out below you like an intricate tapestry. At Skylark North, this dream becomes reality. Here's why you should spread your wings and experience the magic:

• Scenic Glider Rides: Glide silently through the sky, carried by the wind. Witness the Tehachapi Valley, rolling hills and distant peaks from a unique vantage point. It's not just a ride, it's a symphony of freedom.

• Glider Instruction: Ever wanted to pilot a glider? Skylark North offers instructional programs. Learn aerodynamics, master the controls and feel the rush of soaring. Whether you're a beginner or an aspiring pilot, this is your chance to learn from seasoned experts.

• Gift Certificates: Give the gift of flight! Surprise someone with a glider experience. Birthdays, anniversaries or simply celebrating life – there's no better way to create lasting memories.

• The Raven's Nest Deli: After your flight, head to The Raven's Nest. Enjoy breakfast, deli sandwiches and house-baked goods. The view of the runway adds flavor to every bite.

The glider port and the Raven's Nest sandwich shop "with a view" are open year-round, Wednesday through Sunday.

Connecting with nature

Glider flight isn't just a sport, it's a communion with nature. Unlike powered aircraft, gliders offer grace and serenity. Hear the wind rushing past the wings, share the sky with the occasional hawk – and sometimes even a condor. It's the purest form of flight in motion.

Mountain Valley Airport: where adventure takes off, RV park with a view

Mountain Valley Airport isn't just a landing strip, it's a destination. Here's why you should make it your basecamp:

• Mountain Valley RV Park: Set up camp at the west end of the airport. Water, electrical hookups, restrooms, showers ... the essentials for a comfortable stay. Wake up to the sun rising over the runway, and let the adventure begin.

• Aviation Enthusiast's Paradise: Watch planes take off and land. Chat with fellow aviators. Share stories under the vast sky. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a curious observer, this place buzzes with passion.

• Gateway to Tehachapi: Explore beyond the airport. Tehachapi offers hiking trails, vineyards and stunning vistas. Visit the Tehachapi Loop, a marvel of engineering where trains spiral through the mountains.

The call of the sky

As the sun paints the horizon, Skylark North and Mountain Valley Airport beckon. Whether you're chasing the dream of flight or seeking solace, these places promise an escape from the ordinary. Come, embrace the wind, and let your spirit soar.

Remember, life is too short to remain grounded. Take flight.

Cam Martin.

The Raven's Nest offers breakfast, deli sandwiches and house-baked goods.


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