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Mango Haus is serving up a wholesome dining experience

Mango Haus Lounge


Owners, Karen and Johnny Diaz, along with baby "Mango" excitedly pose in their Mango Haus Lounge, Bakersfield location.

Get ready for a dining and culinary experience unlike any other in your hometown of Tehachapi. Open for six months, owners Karen and Johnny Diaz's brilliant idea of "New Wholesome," the Mango Haus Lounge, has turned what they do best into a unique, healthy and inspiring food service. Pledging to be Blue Zone certified, their dishes are primarily plant-based, wholesome, freshly organic and locally sourced with a few meat options to satisfy everyone's stomachs and taste buds.

Need a relaxing night of watching your favorite sports, the Mango Haus Lounge will give you just that. With a large, towering screen over the bar, a cozy table or an up-close bar view will be just the ticket. With a stunning array of cocktails and beers on tap, each is made and delivered to you with a passionate flair.

The couple's first Mango Haus Lounge location was downtown Bakersfield. When the opportunity to open in Tehachapi presented itself, they took it. Encouraged by family and friends, they knew their healthy, friendly concept would go far. Along with their two locations, they are happily opening another in Delano, California ... coming soon.

While in Bakersfield, the Diaz family found out they were expecting and the idea of opening a restaurant came to fruition as the owner, Karen, wanted to eat healthily during her pregnancy. While mostly craving delicious mangos, her husband and business partner had his work cut out for him to find yummy, creative meals to make her.

They aren't currently residents of Tehachapi, but they find themselves wanting to be closer, as traveling can take its toll. Being immersed in their community is their favorite experience. Karen fondly remembers, "We exited the freeway and saw the mountains, and we knew this was the place we wanted to be."

They've met and partnered with a lot of the local businesses in Tehachapi and do their best to keep the food they present healthy, wholesome and as locally sourced as possible.

The Mango Haus Lounge, Tehachapi is open Monday-Thursday 3 to 9 p.m., Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Come and be amazed.