By Sarah Mouchet
staff writer 

Everything you need for plinking at the range and hunting

Hamilton Firearms


April 20, 2024


Our family from left to right Ethan, Mason, Hunter, Kristen, Zack and Kaylee.

Hamilton Firearms, which opened in September 2023, is a family-run business serving as Tehachapi's premier firearms, accessories and reloading shop. At the helm of Hamilton Firearms is owner Kristen Hamilton, who, with the help of her husband Zack, has transitioned from disliking firearms to opening and running a successful gun store of her own.

When Kristen met Zack she didn't like guns. Zack, however, was an avid hunter, particularly of birds and deer. After taking Kristen on a few shooting dates and hunting trips, she came to love firearms and soon started working in the firearm industry at various gun stores in Bakersfield.

Eventually, Kristen decided she wanted to open her own firearm store in Tehachapi, which proved to be quite the challenge. Zack and their sons began working on receiving their Certificates of Eligibility from the Department of Justice, the certificate required to work at a firearm store, so they could help Kristen run the business. Meanwhile, Kristen coordinated with the city. It had been so long since someone opened a gun store within the Tehachapi city limits that the city had to learn the process and paperwork needed all over again.

One challenge the business continues to struggle with is California's new tax on firearms, which starts on July 1, 2024. The tax will add an additional 11% tax, which means firearm stores have to increase prices. They will continue to keep customers up to date on current regulations.

This female-owned, family-run business specializes in the sale of firearms, accessories and ammo for plinking at the range and hunting. Kristen and her family work to provide the community with arms including rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers and BB guns, to name a few. They also carry reloading supplies such as primers, powders, bullets and brass. Hamilton Firearms carries many accessories ranging from magazines to purses -- pretty much anything you can think of, they have or can get.

Beyond business, Hamilton Firearms is actively interested in supporting Tehachapi citizens and causes. From donating firearms to the Tehachapi Republican associations to assisting charities with their causes. The Hamilton family is dedicated to giving back to the community they love and that has been so supportive of the store. Hamilton offers military, veteran, law enforcement and first responder discounts. In need of a specific firearm? Hamilton can custom order items and have them shipped to the store within a few days. The shop also accepts FFL and ammo transfers.


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