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A trusted fixture in Tehachapi

John the Plumber


The John the Plumber crew: Erik, Mark, Melanie, Jeff, Chelsea, Kim and John.

For over two decades, John the Plumber has been a cornerstone of reliable plumbing services in Tehachapi. Founded in 1999 by owner John Nelson, the company has flourished from its humble beginnings as Cal City Plumbing to become a trusted name in the community.

John Nelson's family legacy in plumbing runs deep, with both his father and great uncle having been plumbers themselves. This familial influence instilled in him a passion for the craft and a commitment to providing top-notch service to his customers.

With a team of four skilled plumbers and two dedicated office staff, John the Plumber is equipped to handle a wide-range of plumbing needs. Their areas of expertise span anything related to water, waste or gas systems, ensuring that residents and businesses alike can rely on them for their plumbing needs.

Operating in Tehachapi has its perks, according to Nelson, who cites the warmth and support of the local community as the best part of doing business in the area. However, like any business, John the Plumber faces its fair share of challenges. Nelson acknowledges the difficulty of finding quality individuals to join his team and ensuring that they have enough manpower to meet the demand for their services.

To aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Tehachapi, Nelson offers valuable advice: "Join the Chamber of Commerce and actively engage with the community. By becoming involved in local initiatives and networking with fellow business owners, newcomers can establish themselves and build strong foundations for their ventures."

Despite the challenges, John the Plumber remains steadfast in its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With a legacy of expertise and a dedication to serving the Tehachapi community, John the Plumber continues to be the go-to choice for all plumbing needs in the area.