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Warriors Anonymous meetings

Warriors Anonymous (WA) is an international organization for men and women who have or have had an alcohol and/or drug abuse problem. It is affiliated with Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) through their World Services office. It is non-professional, multiracial, apolitical and self-supporting. There is no age or educational requirements.

Warriors Anonymous is open to Warriors (active military, veterans, and first responders) who have developed alcohol and drug-related problems due to trauma, stress, anxiety and fear that occurs in their lines of work. It provides an open meeting, group session atmosphere where like individuals can discuss their problems concerning alcohol and drug abuse. First responders include police, firefighters, medical personnel, EMTs and other people dealing with initial response to traumatic situations.

Similar to AA, these meetings are anonymous for their participants. Only first names, nicknames or chosen anonymous names are given for self-introduction. Anonymity is the rule and the only requirement for membership in is a desire to stop drinking or abusing drugs. What you were like before, how you've changed and how you are now are topics for discussion.

Warriors see things differently from the normal lives of most of society. Daily trauma in war situations, stress from constantly making life-and-death decisions, fear of what may happen to them or others and anxiety for feeling like they don't "fit in" with society when off work or returning from a deployment can be the cause for the use of alcohol or drugs to provide a calming of the nerves. But that can also be the beginning of a new problem.

Warriors Anonymous meets locally here at Tehachapi Mountain Alano Club at 303 E. H Street in the pale green house on the corner. Meetings take place at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings in the small conference room (straight in from the entrance door). There is a short basic meeting and then a longer period of time for individual discussion. Meetings last for an hour.

Warriors Anonymous is also affiliated with Warriors Heart, a recovery program with a ranch-based property and facilities in Bandera, Texas. Recovery programs run six to eight weeks at live-in facilities there. There are active chapters of Warriors Anonymous all over the U.S. Come join us in active recovery and lifelong sobriety.