By Robert L. Papac
Vice-President of the TVGMS, contributing writer 

Local couple receives honors and recognition


April 13, 2024


Ron and Carmen.

On March 28, Ron and Carmen Myrick were presented with state and national recognition as co-recipients of "Rockhounds of the Year," for their unselfish efforts in providing leadership and untiring efforts to promote geological and lapidary science education in the Tehachapi area.

The presentation was made during the Tehachapi Valley Gem and Mineral Society (TVGMS) monthly meeting at the Tehachapi Senior Citizen Center, located at 500 E. F St., Tehachapi.

Ron and Carmen have been members of the Tehachapi Valley Gem and Mineral Society for approximately 10 years, with Ron serving as the club president for the past 7. Besides fulfilling those duties, he spends extensive hours at the club's lapidary shop working on equipment to be utilized in our club's lapidary arts pursuit. Ron has been instrumental in assisting the club in obtaining, building and maintaining a club trailer to haul material and club merchandise to and from rockhounding sites, to our club's lapidary lab, and to and from shows and various club activities.

Ron, being proud of his Texas heritage, also volunteers on a regular basis to barbecue various cuts of beef, much to the delight of club members. Along with his wife Carmen, they are always instrumental in organizing and running the club's annual Rock and Mineral Show, as well as yearly fundraisers for the club, which enables the club to raise funds for both yearly scholarships for local students to continue their educational pursuits (post high school), and to be utilized for purchasing and maintaining equipment in the club lab.

Not to be left out, Carmen, like Ron, is always involved in the various club activities. When the club takes a refreshment break during club meetings and other functions, Ron and Carmen are always there, doing everything from procuring paper plates, utensils, supplies or whatever is needed to ensure the activity runs smoothly, to the satisfaction of club members and/or guests.

Ron and Carmen were instrumental in obtaining the club meeting place at the Tehachapi Senior Citizen Center, maintaining an excellent relationship between their management and our club. While Ron is tending to his duties as club president during our monthly meeting, Carmen is always there handling the sign in sheets, organizing refreshments and all other duties that she can think of. Ron and Carmen are always organizing and assisting in handing our educational material, planning/organizing educational displays, specimens, etc. They assist in providing these items to elementary schools and our local high school.

They have, in essence, developed the heart and soul of our club, providing neverending assistance in helping our club grow and prosper. Based on these outstanding efforts and dedication I would like to congratulate them for being the recipients of the California Federation of Mineralogical Societies' 2024 Rockhounds of the Year.

Due to the California federation's status on the national level, Ron and Carmen were also nominated for recognition and have been recognized as the co-recipients of the 2024 American Federation Rockhounds of the Year from the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies.

For information on the club, activities, and membership, please visit Tehachapi Valley Gem and Mineral Society on Facebook, or


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