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A home away from home

Chamber Chat


April 13, 2024


I often see communities gathering at hotels for events, conventions, weddings, retirement parties and more. Much less often, I see hotel executives out in their communities, learning about local businesses, networking and finding ways to collaborate.

That's why I have to give credit to Faith Pease and the staff at TownePlace Suites for their commitment to community. Faith attends every Chamber luncheon, explores local businesses and finds ways to highlight Tehachapi at the hotel. Most recently, TownePlace Suites has partnered with local vineyards to feature Tehachapi wine at their Wine Down Wednesday event (held on the last Wednesday of every month). But, that's just the beginning.

Within minutes of touring TownePlace Suites' rooms it becomes clear that every comfort has been considered. Designed for long-term stays, rooms include full size kitchens, stoves, dishes and a toaster. The larger rooms even have a small oven. For guests with hearing loss, certain rooms are equipped with door lights instead of doorbells, so guests can see a blinking light when someone is at their door. Even pets are welcome and have access to creature comforts. TownePlace also has a program called "Something Borrowed," where guests can borrow items like tools, seasonings for grill outs, cooking utensils, crockpots, games and more.

After celebrating their grand opening on Sept. 30, 2022, TownePlace Suites set to work making the community feel right at home.

"We truly try to make each room feel like a home away from home," Faith said.

From the full complimentary breakfast served each morning, to the saltwater pool and state-of-the-art fitness center, to a full service bar serving local wine and beer, grilling equipment, and a 20-person conference room, guests can settle right in. Families in Tehachapi have been able to stay at TownePlace when their homes are undergoing construction. With its 360 degree views of Tehachapi and cozy fire pits, it is also a popular place for staycations.

One of Faith's favorite parts about her job is to welcome travelers back who are staying for work for weeks at a time. She writes welcome cards for them to open in their rooms with favorite candy bars and snacks. She gives little thoughtful gifts to let them know that the hotel sees them and cares about their wellbeing.

"We know it gets lonely on the road. We want to make the experience a little lighter and easier," she said.

Join the Chamber in May for a special Cookout Mixer at TownePlace Suites, and be sure to stop by on the last Wednesday of each month for a special wine tasting and tour experience.

TownePlace Suites is located at 1052 Magellan Dr., Tehachapi. They are a proud member of the Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce.

Clare Scotti is the Executive Director of Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce.


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