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Where there's talent, there's hope and thanks!

Two years ago, I needed to restore a badly damaged rental house in Tehachapi in order to sell it. I decided to contact the Mountain Group at Coldwell Banker for help.

The three realtors in this group, Annie Mulkins, Sue Chandler and Nicole Nicely, were skilled and knowledgeable. They also went above and beyond for me in many ways. One example was that when I was ill they watered the rose bush and shrubs at the house. They showed a real gift in referring me to many sub-contractors who could perform miracles on this sad house and provided a skilled handyman, Joel McKeehan.

The fine contractors included Louie's Plumbing, Tehachapi Heating and Air Conditioning, Jerry Mulkins Tile, West and Sons Septic Contractor, The Heat Source, RCB Pest and Termite Control, Harley Kunkel Finish Carpenter and Steve Humphreys Painting Team. I also want to compliment Chicago Title Company for their thorough professional assistance. And last but not least I want to send verbal flowers to Melissa Kelly who worked very hard over many months to clean windows, walls and surfaces, and filled in for me there at the house when I was unable to be there! After months of effort the restored house sparkled and sold at a fair price, much to my relief. Thank you to all!

Anne Marie Novinger is a fifth generation Californian and has contributed many stories to The Loop newspaper. She has lived in Tehachapi for over 40 years. She has recently moved to La Crescenta to live with her daughter. Anne can be reached at [email protected]/.