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What does hypnotherapy help with?

Rosemary Powell, CMS, CHT, FNLP.

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As I share hypnotherapy in our community and worldwide on social media, people always ask, "What does it help with?"

To these questions, I answer, "Working with our subconscious mind, hypnosis helps with just about everything".

Here are some success stories that shed light on some of the profound results of hypnotherapy.

From a Tehachapi woman with anxiety, past trauma and more:

Rosemary Powell of Joyful Life Hypnotherapy is a gifted and an amazing, certified hypnotherapist. I went to her recently so that she could help me with anxiety, empowerment, and to help me heal from past traumas.

After seeing Rosemary for three sessions, I feel like I did as much healing with her as I would have done with three years of deep talk therapy or more. We worked on subconscious issues that were impossible to address any other way. As a registered nurse with years of experience, Rosemary is wise and loving. I feel like a new and much happier person after working with her.

As a result, my life has changed for the better and I'm eternally grateful for her. We are blessed to have her in our community.

From an author in Germany, with writer's block in and more:

The tools that Rosemary uses are life transforming. I literally watched my life change for the better in a matter of days! I'd recommend Rosemary and this kind of therapy to anyone. Life is so much sweeter when we have a deep understanding of ourselves. Rosemary is a very loving and compassionate human being. She helped me with a personal issue to set my creativity in motion. (I'm currently writing a book.) She's very tuned in to her client's needs.

From a woman in Abania, with anxiety and pelvic floor tension and more:

I turned to online hypnotherapy to address pelvic floor tension and related anxiety. I have had a few sessions with Rosemary, but I saw a dramatic improvement after just one session. I felt more calm and serene and less affected by anxiety and stress in general. Not only did Rosemary provide tailor-made sessions, but she also gave me the tools to continue the work on my own throughout the week. I highly recommend her to anyone dealing with emotional or physical issues stemming from any type of anxiety.

I had profound shifts because of Rosemary's intuitive gifts. She is very understanding and kind. Her guidance and the powerful inquiry questions she asked were mind-blowing, healing and empowering.

From a Tehachapi woman with health issues and anxiety:

I've been a psychologist for more than twenty years. I've always wanted to experience hypnosis. Working with Rosemary Powell has exceeded my expectations from the very first session. Her ability to listen, intuit and work in the unconscious is truly masterful. I noticed the effects of hypnosis immediately. The cost of my symptoms over the last 10 years has been far greater than the cost of hypnotherapy. I wish I'd found Rosemary decades ago. Rosemary Powell is such a lovely, effective clinician and as a bonus, she brings many other modalities to the table that are extremely effective. She is very skilled at using her guidance and intuition to discern which modalities will be most effective for each client.

From a woman with deep-seated traumas:

I had gotten to a place in my healing where I was very stuck. I had healed a great deal, but there were some deep-seated traumas that were holding me back. In just two sessions, Rosemary worked her magic to help make considerable progress.

How I felt after the sessions with Rosemary is like night and day. I feel peaceful and happy.

We did what seems like 5 years of work in traditional therapy in two sessions. Rosemary also sent me a session summary, complete with the modalities we used, an action plan, and strategies for self-hypnosis. It's so helpful to have this information, as well as the tools to continue this work myself.

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