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Tehachapi, a music hot spot

Mark La Ciura.

My pawnshop bass guitar that was rebuilt by Lee's House of Music.

The benefits of learning music are well documented for kids and older folks alike. I found this out going to my daughter's music concerts as she was growing up. Sarah J's instrument was the Alto Saxophone. I saw the benefits in her and all the kids that were playing in her jazz band and marching band.

I also found out it does not matter if you are super talented or just have a love for playing and never had the time. I was very inspired by my daughter Sarah J to take up a instrument back then. Thank you Sarah J.

So in 2007, I started on a journey to just start learning songs ... bass lines on the bass guitar. I mostly did this on my own reading some music and "tab," which is a numbers representational system to show you the locations of the notes on the bass guitar fret board. Being a visual learner, a mix of standard bass clef music and tab works well for me.

Professionals say do whatever works for you. Some do it all by ear if you can believe it.

Tehachapi has many choices to learn at your own speed or of get personalize instruction, whatever works for you.

In 2015, I was in a local sandwich shop and a musician saw me looking at music on my laptop. He said, "We could use you in our orchestra." I told him I don't read music very well and I can not cold read anything. I was told it does not matter, just show up they would help me learn to read music. No auditions were needed at all.

That orchestra is called Tehachapi Pops Orchestra and I have been participating and learning bass lines. I am still not a good cold sight music reader but I am making progress. It's all about having fun and learning.

Two great music shops that I have used here in Tehachapi are Mountain Music, where you can find out more information about the TPops Orchestra and lots of information on everything to do with instruments and music instruction. The other great music shop in Tehachapi is Lee's House of Music. Lee is a fantastic luthier, meaning he is a craftsman and works on string instruments. Lee has many used guitars, amps other instruments on hand. Lee worked on a bass I found in a pawnshop which needed a new neck/fret board. I still use this bass today.

So if you have a love to learn music and play an instrument, Tehachapi is for sure a hot spot to get you started on your music journey.

Mountain Music is located at 206 E. F Street, (661) 823-9994. Lee's House of Music is located at 20407 Brian Way, Ste. #3, (661) 822-0459. Lee also has music instruction available at his shop.