Gary Michael Mazzola January 15, 1950 – February 26, 2024

Celebration of Life


April 13, 2024


Gary Michael Mazzola.

Can you remember the first time you met Gary Mazzola? Of course you can. If you're new to Tehachapi Community Theatre Association, you probably greeted him as he entered the theater, cane in hand and shuffled up to the sound/lighting tech booth (no small feat for him).

Maybe you were lucky enough to catch him onstage as Norman Thayer in "On Golden Pond," or maybe he convinced you to join in on one of his video projects. You got to know him as the accomplished senior member of our world-renowned theater group: confident and intelligent, kind and generous. And, most of all, talented. The guy could act. Or maybe you met him years ago at a concert or play and got to know the younger version of Gary, tall and strong and passionate about... everything.

I was lucky enough to meet him before the turn of the century at an audition (the first for us both). That feels like a long time ago, from then until now, he gave us his unique versions of Oscar Madison, Willy Loman, Count Dracula and many, many characters in between. Since that first audition, he had a hand in so many projects. If he wasn't presiding over a meeting or directing a major production, he was creating some technical wizardry or composing a musical interlude. Renaissance man? Sure, why not? He spent many hours getting creative in the crowded back room of his house (don't ask), but he was no man in a high tower. He was friendly and approachable.

He appreciated his fellow actors and crew and especially his audience. And his friends and family appreciated him more than words can say. Gary was loved and admired by his theater family. He will indeed be missed.

This article was written by David Shacklock, on behalf of the entire Tehachapi Community Theatre Association.


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