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Extraordinary Women of Tehachapi: Lindsay Villalpondo


March 30, 2024

Pat Doody.

Lindsay Villalpondo.

On March 4 the City of Tehachapi recognized five women who worked, lived, or volunteered in the City of Tehachapi. The city received an overwhelming 70 nominations. Lindsay Villalpondo was one of the women acknowledged for her service and community commitment. Lindsay is an award-winning Realtor at Miramar International and a young mother of two young daughters. She is very active at the Tehachapi Mountain Bike Team, Tehachapi Visitors Center, St. Malachy Church, Heritage Oak School, Bark for Life, Tehachapi Area Association of Realtors and the Tehachapi Mountain Rodeo Association.

When asked what advice Lindsay would give a young mother who wants to get involved in the community her response was, "Make connections to become part of the community, balance is the goal and sometimes you have to be uncomfortable to get comfortable." Lindsay is a mentor at work, as well as to others she volunteers with. The nomination for Villalpondo stated that "Lindsay is an inspiration to others by putting her mind to something and achieving it. She is always offering help and guidance to women aspiring to do the same. She always carries herself in a professional manner and is showing women they can be and achieve anything they set their heart to, and at any age and state in life."

Lindsay enjoys, "All of the community events and I love participating as much as possible. I love helping as much as I can and hope to do even more in 2024." Villalpondo was "honored and appreciated the recognition" for her community service.

Listen to Lindsay being interviewed by Mya Acosta Community Engagement City of Tehachapi, about receiving her award on Tehachapod:


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