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Extraordinary Women of Tehachapi: Claudia Baker

Pat Doody.

Claudia Baker.

On March 4, the City of Tehachapi recognized five women who worked, lived or volunteered in the City of Tehachapi. The city received an overwhelming 70 nominations. Claudia Baker was one of the women chosen to be recognized as an Extraordinary Woman of Tehachapi. In 2001, Claudia Baker started The Loop newspaper with the goal of, "making something happy and creating something special that would bring positive and encouraging news to the community that I love."

Claudia started her family-run and operated business, and overcame numerous obstacles in the process. Her advice to anyone who is starting a business is to, "Morph as you go. Love what you do or you won't be able to stick with it." Claudia has volunteered at numerous organizations including being a board member at the Tehachapi Economic Development Council, Tehachapi TOURISM COMMISSION, Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce and Main Street Tehachapi. She is an active member of Tehachapi and said, "I encourage everyone to get involved in the community by volunteering."

Additionally, Claudia has been a mentor in the community and business. Pat Doody, journalist at The Loop said, "Many of her columnists are women that range in age from their 20s to their 90s. Having been in the publishing business for many years, Claudia has inspired women of all ages to always be the best version of themselves."

When asked how Claudia felt when receiving this honor, Claudia humbly said, "This is my town, and I love my town." Claudia's optimism and love for her community is contagious and a joy to experience. Listen to Claudia being interviewed by Mya Acosta, Community Engagement City of Tehachapi, about receiving her award on Tehachapod: tehachapod.libsyn.com/tehachapis-extraordinary-women-recognition-claudia-baker/.