By Claudia Baker
contributing writer 

What do you know about stem cells?


March 2, 2024

I have one very important question for you. What do you know about stem cells?

I didn’t understand how important they are in the overall healing process until a friend asked me this very same question.

The only thing I had heard about stem cells was that they work miracles in our bodies, but are so expensive that the average person can’t afford them.

Did you know that by age 30, 50% of your own once healthy stem cells are dormant or inactive and by the time you are age 60 that number is reduced to only 10% healthy cells?

These cells are designed to heal and replace all sick cells so we can live long productive healthy lives.

There has been an incredible scientific breakthrough in the form of a patented patch technology: The X39 general wellness patch. It only took 10 years of research and millions of lives will be changed because of this research.

David Schmidt is the founder, inventor and the owner of Lifewave. His vision is for longevity and health for all people and to help them to live their best life.

I asked my friend for more information, because I’m a researcher. So, she sent me a website ( and a Facebook page (This is it team).

Finally, I asked the hard questions. What do they cost and where can I get them?

She was so excited to share this information that I was perplexed. She said, “You can have all this for around $3 a day.” What? That’s right! $3 a day.

In fact, she said, that not many know about this X39 patch yet, and the company is offering us 60% of their revenue to help spread the word.

She told me that Lifewave has gone on to not only release the most powerful health breakthrough in years, but has given us the greatest financial opportunity. That they have also created the most rewarding compensation plan to date. That’s when I said, “Sign me up!”

The rest is history, and I want to share this with you and the rest of the world.

I’m so excited and I feel blessed to share this with you.

For more information visit or contact Claudia at or call (661) 557-7684.

LifeWave products are wellness products. The products are designed to maintain or encourage a general state of health or healthy activity.


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