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New president elected at GHCSD

The board of the Golden Hill Community Services District selected a new president at their Jan. 18 meeting. John Buckley, the current president, announced that he would be stepping down. David Benham was nominated by Buckley and unanimously elected by the board. Joe King was elected to a second term again as vice-president.

In his report to the board, District Manager Chris Carlson said that the district will be using water from the "Poor Well," a well that pumps only non-potable water, to fill Tom Sawyer Lake. The well is located in an area considered by the Tehachapi Cummings Community Water District (TCCWD) as a salvage area. The district will complete a new separate pipeline from the well to the lake. With this measure, Tom Sawyer Lake should remain full and continue to be an asset to the Nature Park. Carlson said that the pipeline is all that should be needed for the project.

The Board of Directors also unanimously approved the 2023-24 Revised Budget as presented.