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Neighborhood Radio Watch Training in Sand Canyon, Feb. 6

On Feb. 6 there will be a training event held on GRMS emergency radios and sponsored by the Sand Canyon Volunteer Council and Tehachapi Valley CERT team in conjunction with the Tehachapi Amateur Radio Association.

This informational meeting is being held to provide residents of Sand Canyon an opportunity to learn about efforts to put together a Neighborhood Radio Watch network within Sand Canyon for emergency preparedness as an alternate communication network during power outages and down cell phone line occurrences. This network will allow people to communicate with their neighbors during outages. Information will be presented by John Dyer of the Tehachapi Valley Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Tehachapi Amateur Radio Team (TARA) on how to obtain a GMRS license and purchasing repeater compatible GMRS radios. We will also be discussing the organization of setting up relay teams to support this effort.

All Sand Canyon residents are welcome to attend this meeting to be held on the evening of Feb. 6 at 6:30 p.m. at the Quail Valley Water District building located at 24250 Sand Canyon Rd.