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January 20, 2024

There are more than 100 million cars operating in the United States, not including heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles and buses. Despite the growing popularity of electric vehicles (more than a million on the road today), the majority of these commuter sedans and family SUVs rely on combustion engines, which expel dangerous exhaust fumes. Even the most basic exhaust system is designed to route gases away from the passenger cabin.

Advancements throughout the past 50 years have concentrated on converting harmful toxins into less dangerous exhaust emitted into the atmosphere. In fact, several states in the U.S. require yearly emissions inspections on nearly every vehicle on the road. These regulations have helped clear the air in major cities. And Don's ProTechnology Auto Repair (DPT) plays a critical role in preserving the environment by offering vehicle emissions inspection and repair services.

Exhaust system components

This robust commitment to perform emissions and safety inspections has not only led to a reduction in toxic fumes, but an overall improvement in performance across the automotive industry. Modern vehicles have cleaner engines, which results in rapid advancements in the power coming from smaller and smaller motors. These gains are also attributed to the common use of unleaded fuels, the growing reliance on fuel injection and the incorporation of automatic engine start/stop systems that prevent idling.

Another innovation that has also increased the need for car emissions inspection is the prevalence of high-tech sensors in the diagnostic systems of new vehicles. These days the oxygen sensor is a major exhaust component, and one that typically fails after five years. Expert guidance about car emission inspection must also highlight the catalytic converter, which is specifically designed to convert carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon gases into carbon dioxide and water. In most cases, driving without a catalytic converter is illegal and potentially harmful to the vehicle.

Signs of a bad exhaust system

A well-functioning exhaust system should deliver good fuel efficiency and optimal performance from your engine. A reliable exhaust repair shop must have the ability to navigate the entire exhaust system from engine to tailpipe. If you experience any signs of a bad exhaust system, such as a burning smell or foul odor lingering in your cabin or loud hissing, popping, tapping or ticking noises (that get louder when you accelerate), schedule an appointment with DPT as soon as possible.

Auto exhaust system repair

In order to diagnose necessary car exhaust repair, most technicians look for a leak. Each part of the exhaust system is connected by welds and flanges, which can corrode and loosen as time passes. Abuse from heavy driving, especially on unfinished roads, can also lead to exhaust pipe replacement and exhaust flange repair.

Because a standard muffler is engineered to reduce the rumbling noises piping out of your exhaust, this critical part should get very loud when it is damaged or malfunctioning. Mufflers don't typically deteriorate to the point of falling off without first giving you clues that something is wrong. Usually, a muffler that's past its prime incrementally gets louder as the interior chambers and sound-deadening materials break down.

A blocked exhaust system may cause overheating in your engine, so pay attention to your temperature gauges and check engine light. You can also perform your own exhaust smoke color diagnosis to start addressing underlying problems. However, a failed emissions test is a clear sign that you need some sort of exhaust system repair.

Emissions inspection & exhaust repair at Don's ProTechnology Auto Repair

Emission inspection costs can run from $64.95 to over $100, depending on your vehicle's make and model. The older the vehicle, the more expensive the emission inspection test will be. The system diagnosis can point to a variety of fixes from small gasket replacement to service on your turbo charger. The ASE-certified technicians at DPT are qualified to perform industry-leading diagnostic and repair services for any and all of your emission inspection repairs. DPT is a certified star station and operates a "pass or don't pay" smog inspection test. Feel free to chat with one of our knowledgeable service advisors or technicians with any concerns you may have. DPT is located at 230 E. Tehachapi Blvd., in Tehachapi and can be reached at (661) 822-1600.


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