By Kathleen Kline
contributing writer 

Writing Workshop to give others a voice


January 20, 2024

Kathleen Kline, local writing coach, author and editor, is joining efforts with the Tehachapi CANCER FOUNDATION, Inc., to help give caregivers, survivors and current warriors a voice.

“I will be holding a two-day writing workshop in which I assist this group of wonderful people in learning to express their experiences in writing while supporting their willingness to speak up,” Kline said. The Writing Workshop is scheduled for March 23 and 24.

“I love this idea. I suggested we do this workshop online as it would be easier for all involved and make it more accessible,” said Jim Wallace, president and co-founder of the Tehachapi CANCER FOUNDATION, Inc.

Attendees will meet via video meeting for three hours, from the comfort of their home, both Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and have access to their writing coach through April 30.

“You don’t have to be a writer to attend. I have a list of helpful questions to help you share your experience as the ever-important caregiver, survivor and/or current warrior you are,” Kline, a fellow caregiver, encouraged. “After all, when we put things into words they often not only help us, but others.”

Attendees will be invited to submit their stories or poems for an anthology.

“I will be using a portion of the profits from the sale of the anthology as a donation to the nonprofit Tehachapi CANCER FOUNDATION, Inc.” Kline said.

Kline intends the anthology, “Inspired by Love – Driven by Compassion,” will be available for The Screw Cancer 5 Stay Alive fundraiser in June at Dorner’s Family Vineyard in Tehachapi.

“I was honored when Kathleen suggested this affordable way to help caregivers, survivors and current warriors going through the treatments have a voice,” Wallace said. “She’s donating her regular teaching fees to help keep the cost down to $50 for the two sessions.”

To learn more, or book your spot, contact Kathleen Kline at (661) 972-9102 or by email at to get registered by March 15.


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