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By Pat Doody
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Meet Your New Neighbors


January 20, 2024

Delores Strider, accompanied by her son Jim Jr. and daughter-in-law Michele, moved into their Tehachapi home in November. Just in time for the holidays.

Jim and Michele lived in the bay area at one time but, now retired, moved to Oklahoma City four years ago to be with Delores following the death of her husband, Jim Sr. In 2023, together they made the decision to move back to California. On their way back to the Bay Area, they made a stop in Tehachapi and decided then-and-there that this was where they wanted to live. It was not long after that they found their new home.

Delores and her husband both came from the community of Guthrie, Oklahoma, and had been married for 60 years when he passed away. All but four of those years were spent in Oklahoma City. Delores said that they lived in Wichita Falls for those four years. Her husband received his degree in architecture from the University of Oklahoma and was able to open his own architectural firm in 1971. Delores received a bachelor's degree in liberal arts followed by a master's degree in human relations. She worked for AT&T for 32 years in public relations and instructional management before retiring in 1991. Delores has a grandson living in Pennsylvania and a granddaughter living in Louisiana.

Soon after losing her husband, Delores had the opportunity to travel to Uganda with a Presbyterian group, becoming a missionary. Since then, she has had the occasional opportunity to act as a substitute Presbyterian minister. She was hoping Tehachapi had a Presbyterian church, but has found a substitute church here that she likes.

In early January, Delores saw an ad in the newspaper that provided her with a new opportunity. Although she had never acted before, when she read about the upcoming auditions for the TCT production of "Murder on the Orient Express," she decided to try out. To her delight and surprise, she was chosen for the role of Princess Natalia Dragomiroff.

There is no doubt that Delores and her family have already become part of the community. Welcome to Tehachapi Delores, Jim and Michele. And don't miss seeing Delores in "Murder of the Orient Express."


If you have moved to Tehachapi within the last six months, Hilltop Welcoming Service has a bag of information about the Greater Tehachapi area, including local activities, events, government and facilities. There are always a few coupons and gifts, as well. It is a great way to learn about your new community. Being part of this column is strictly optional. If you would like a visit from the Welcome Hostess, contact our office at (661) 822-8188.


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