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Alpha, beta, theta, binaural beats at the Hippie

Hippie Talk

Healthy Hippie Trading Co., located in Old Town, Tehachapi, is back to holding events. Their first event for 2024 will be a sonic alignment session using binaural beats led by local musician Thorne Ashton and his wife Kim, who is also a Hippie employee.

Binaural beats sessions are different than sound healing, though they do have some similarities. The ultimate goal of both is to produce a sensation of peace, relaxation and spiritual awareness. Binaural beats, however, are not a sound. Yes, it is an auditory experience that you participate in by listening, but the magic happens in how the frequency of the binaural beats affect the brain. When listening to two different frequencies at once over a sustained period, brain wave activity can be altered. Why, you may be asking right now, do I want to alter my brain frequency?

Hippie owner, Sarah Rose, admits that she had the same question when Kim and Thorne first approached her with the idea of holding these sessions.

"I had heard about binaural beats helping those with ADHD and as I am a 'neuro-spicy' person, the thought of getting relief from my nonstop brain was very appealing. Meditation has been suggested to help quiet my brain but reaching that quiet space has always been difficult for me. Could binaural beats help me finally get relief from my own brain? Sign me up!" she said.

That "quiet space" Sarah is referring to can happen during meditation, prayer and internal focus. It's during that period when the brain waves change. Research using EEGs (electroencephalogram) during meditation clearly show the brain waves changing from beta waves (active thought and learning) to alpha (relaxation) to the ultimate state, theta. Theta waves are measured when a person is in a light sleep or dreaming. It is in this state that a person's thoughts can flow freely, without judgement, guilt or shame. Our conscious awareness starts to fade and we become deeply relaxed. Experiencing binaural beats can assist us in reaching a theta brain state.

Kim and Thorne will be holding a one-hour session every month, coinciding with the full moon. In addition to the binaural beats session, Kim will teach on different topics each month, including but not limited to plant medicine, the significance of each of the full moons and the crystals associated with each full moon. Jallen Tarot will be available for short "sample" readings before and after each session for a special price of $5.

If your brain could use some quiet time, join us Thursday, Jan. 25 at 6:30 p.m. at Healthy Hippie Trading Co., 20418 Brian Way, Unit 2, Tehachapi. Come early if you'd like a short session with Jallen. Cost is $20/person or $30/couple (includes children, as well as partner). Space is limited so we recommend reserving your seat by calling (661) 822-9797.