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By Pat Doody
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December 23, 2023

On Oct. 31, 86-year-old Harry Davies moved to Tehachapi from Garden Grove, a community in Orange County where he had lived for over 30 years following his retirement from NASA. He purchased a home here to be close to his son, Tehachapi City Councilman and Mayor Michael Davies and his family.

Raised in Los Angeles, Harry said he worked at a stable during his school years. Following high school, he joined the Air Force and spent four years active duty and four years in the reserves. As part of his active service, Master Sergeant Davies said he ran a mess hall in Okinawa with 16 waitresses and was also the cook and baker. But that was not his only duty, he also ran a security site monitoring China. Harry added that part of his active service time was spent at Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas where he was also a cook and baker.

However, it is his post-military career that is most notable. Harry Davies was a project manager for NASA and Rockwell during the development of the space shuttle program. During the years of its operation, the program completed 135 missions and carried 355 astronauts from 16 countries into space. That program unfortunately included the tragic loss of the Columbia and Challenger orbiters and 14 astronauts. The program operated from 1981 to 2011. Harry retired from the program in 1992 but not, says Harry, before he had an opportunity to cook for and chauffeur for the General at Edwards Air Force Base.

Harry hopes to be as active in the Tehachapi community as he was in Orange County, where he was chosen King of the Strawberry Festival twice. He has been a church deacon and a member of the volunteer police department assigned to duties such as making vacation checks. Harry likes to play golf and is looking forward getting active once he gets settled and the Tehachapi weather cooperates.

In the meantime, he has the company of his two dogs, Phoenix and Sasha, and his granddaughter Kelli, a nutritionist and dental assistant who will be sharing his home. Welcome to Tehachapi Harry! I know we will be hearing more from you soon.


If you have moved to Tehachapi within the last six months, Hilltop Welcoming Service has a bag of information about the Greater Tehachapi area, including local activities, events, government and facilities. There are always a few coupons and gifts, as well. It is a great way to learn about your new community. Being part of this column is strictly optional. If you would like a visit from the Welcome Hostess, contact our office at (661) 822-8188.


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