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By Sarah Rose
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The pentagram: sacred or sinister?

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December 9, 2023

The pentagram: sacred or sinister? Read Healthy Hippie Trading Co.'s article on this page for the answer!

Like many people who grew up in the Christian church, I viewed the pentagram with suspicion. What I thought I knew about the five-pointed star made it something I wanted to avoid. As this symbol keeps showing up on tapestries, jewelry, books and other items that I have in my store, the Healthy Hippie Trading Co., I decided to do some research on this pointy star and share what I learned with others who might be misinformed like I was.

The pentagram is an ancient symbol used by many cultures and religions, including Christianity. It was very common for early Christians to use the star to represent the five wounds of Christ, with the design appearing on many churches and cathedrals. The pentagram as a symbol of Christianity was eventually replaced with the cross.

For Wiccans, the symbol can represent the five elements of earth, water, fire, air and spirit. Wicca is a belief system that honors the natural world and its seasons. While non-Christian, Wiccans are not satanists. The pentacle, which is the pentagram inside of a circle, is considered an emblem of the Wiccan religion. Pentacles might be worn as jewelry or hung over doors and windows as protection from evil.

When the pentagram became associated with satanism isn't clear, but at some point the inverted pentagram was adopted by those who practice black magic. Hollywood has been an influence in perpetuating the idea of the pentagram being dark or evil by using the symbol in horror films and crime dramas.

Whatever your faith or belief may be, there is no need to fear the pentagram or pentacle. After doing just a bit of reading, I no longer view the symbol with the same trepidation as I once did. I welcome the star on the many items that I carry in my store without concern that I am courting some type of spiritual danger.

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