By Phyllis Belcher
contributing writer 

Challenges confront women seeking equity

AAUW of Tehachapi


November 25, 2023


Shane McGarrett, holding sign, is surrounded by AAUW members Joanne Beckett, Tammy Engel, and Rosemary Powell.

Women meet challenges as they seek equity. This was the topic for American Association of University Women at their November meeting when Shane McGarrett told about her life journey spending 45 years in aerospace.

She was just 17 years old when she joined the military. After three years in the United States Air Force, she became one of the first women to be fully trained and certified as a jet engine mechanic at March Air Force Base.

McGarrett wrote about the struggle to achieve her goals in "Out of Service: Coming of Age in the Military." As she spoke to AAUW members, she read passages from her book that identified challenges she faced. She asked the group to consider what action to take when problems occur. There were many answers and much discussion.

In conclusion, McGarrett said, "As a Vietnam Vet, I have attained the essence of the human spirit, which has enabled me to understand life's wonderful opportunities as we grow into individuals. Not just surviving, but living with love and joy."

The topic for the meeting was Facing Challenges and was inspired by the California AAUW theme, "Gender Equality Today for a Sustainable Tomorrow."

AAUW promotes equity and education for women and girls. Membership is open to anyone with a 2 year or higher degree from an accredited institution.


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