By Peri Podratz
contributing writer 

Stray Leaves Vineyard offers estate-grown wines


October 28, 2023


Tehachapi is commonly known as the small mountain town with the windmills, and now, most recently, an up-and-coming wine country.

As of December 21st, 2020, 58,000 acres of Tehachapi land received their AVA designation. AVA stands for American Viticultural Area and oversees differentiating the multiple climates grapes can be grown in. With Tehachapi on the AVA map, vineyards are able describe the origin of their wines more accurately. This allows the public to gather a better understanding of the wines they enjoy.

Here at Stray Leaves, you may notice that some of our wines are called estate wines. While only some of our wines offer this distinction, all our wines grown, made, and sold are estate-grown wines. This means that 100% of the farming is in Tehachapi and controlled by Stray Leaves Vineyard, assuring a direct path from farm, to fermenting and aging, to your glass at the Stray Leaves Tasting Room.

Come enjoy these estate-grown wines with a charcuterie board by the patio fireplace, Thursday through Saturday 3 to 8 p.m., at our Tasting Room located downtown at 123 S. Green St., Tehachapi.

See you then!


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