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By Diana Wade
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A Taste of Tehachapi


October 28, 2023


A Taste of Tehachapi has a number of jams, both with and without sugar. Here are just a few ideas to use jam other than on toast! Experiment with strawberry, blueberry, elderberry, apple pie, apple butter, plum and peach to name a few.

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Stay tuned for more surprises and seasonal items from both of us! We are located at 121 E. F St., right next door to ThaiHachapi.

Beyond bread: other ways to use jam

1. On a charcuterie board.

2. Pair with cheese and wine.

3. Mix a tablespoon with your favorite salad dressing - use an immersion blender to incorporate.

4. Spoon over ice cream.

5. Add a dollop to yogurt or cottage cheese.

6. Use as a glaze on a cake.

7. Use as a glaze on pork or chicken.

8. Add a tablespoon to a large glass of ice and water for a refreshing drink.

9. Add to BBQ sauce for a sweeter version.

10. Add to the batter of cakes and muffins.

11. Roll up a store bought cresent roll with a dollop of jam for a surprise dessert!


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